Man stabbed, robbed near Brookland Metro Station

Police are investigating what they are calling an unusual and disconcerting case after two suspects suddenly stabbed and robbed a man in Northeast Washington.

The victim was on his way to meet co-workers at a restaurant when he was attacked near the Brookland Metro Station Friday night.

"When the ambulance is coming still I see the knife is in his chest," recalled Kashif Aslam, who works in the neighborhood. "I am just shocked what happened."

Aslam says he thought of Halloween after he saw the man, who is in his 40s, walking down 12th Street with a knife sticking out of his chest.

Police say the victim was on his way to Little Ricky's restaurant on 12th Street just after 6 p.m. When he parked his car on Otis and 10th streets and got out, one of the suspects approached him from the front; the other came from behind. Without warning or provocation, one suspect stabbed the victim in the chest.

Neighbor Cajetan Demello said, "That is scaring me, because nothing like that has happened on this street."

MPD Commander Andrew Solberg added, "...if you have people attacking people out here on the streets before the robbery actually happens that is a bit more serious than what we usually see."

According to sources, right after the stabbing, the suspect standing behind the man rifled through the victim's pockets and yelled, "Nothing, nothing." Both suspects then took off.

With the knife still lodged in his upper chest, the victim continued to the restaurant, where his friends called 911.

"We really need to be concerned about our neighbor who had to walk that length with a knife in his chest," resident Mary Timeyin said. "How are we going to work together as a community to help one another?"