Man ordered to pay $22,000 in bizarre backseat sex crash

The man who claimed he was having sex in the backseat when his car slammed into another vehicle on the Beltway was found guilty in court Tuesday.

The 22-year-old was already convicted of DUI.

Salem Trad was on the way home from his 21st birthday party when he slammed into a cab. “I was very intoxicated. Everything was kind of fuzzy,” Trad said.

Trad apparently told responding officers he was having sex while driving. “I was in the backseat with the female passenger,” he told ABC7, laughing.

Another male and a female passenger were in Trad's car, but the woman denied Trad’s story.

The man in the cab, Abdu Omar sued Trad for $75,000. His attorney Douglas Stevens claimed Trad was going 85 miles an hour while having sex in the backseat. Stevens argued that's negligence.

Trad maintained the other male in the vehicle was at the wheel. The jury took just minutes to award Omar $22,000.

“I'm happy, I am glad I win this case,” Omar said.

Trad spent much of the trial tweeting.