Man nearly drowns at Gunners Lake

A man is in intensive care at an area hospital after he was rescued from nearly drowning in Gunners Lake in Germantown.

Police say early Monday evening, the 38-year-old man and a friend came to the lake with a remote-controlled toy boat. It stopped working about 30 yards from the shore, so one of them swam out to get it. He went into the water shortly before 7 p.m. near Wisteria Drive and Blue Sky Drive.

“You wouldn't think of these waters being dangerous. It's not the kind of water you would think about as being dangerous,” said Germantown resident Barbara Turner.

The man waded out to the disabled boat to bring it back to shore, but had trouble making it back to shore. He yelled to his friend for help, then disappeared below the water.

The man’s friend said he needed time to process what happened and wouldn’t speak with reporters. Police said he went into the water and was able to bring the victim back to shore. The friend and another woman began Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). A man who was passing by called 911.

Montgomery County Police said is believed the lake is not more than eight to 10 feet deep.

Fire officials say the man, who is in his 40s, was pulled from the water before they arrived. Citizens were performing CPR when rescuers arrived.{ }The man was transported to an area hospital. Police say the man is in critical condition.

”You never know when you go out there in first place. And just have to be very careful when you go out there fooling around with water,” said Cindy Bowens of Frederick.

“God bless, I mean that's all I can say. That is just terrible,” said another Germantown resident, Dennis Brown.

The man has stabilized somewhat, but remains on a respirator in intensive care.