Man fights mortgage company for flood damage money

September's Tropical Storm Lee left behind damage in every corner of William Shaw's home in Upper Marlboro.

The water rose two feet above ground level, submerging everything including his furnace and water heater.

Shaw has flood insurance, but couldn't wait to make the repairs. So he dished out $21,000 out-of-pocket to replace his furnace, an electrical panel and to tear out walls and floors.

He says the flood insurance company sent a joint check to him and his mortgage company for just over $20,000. Shaw says he had the check endorsed and sent all the necessary notarized documents, including his receipts from the work already done, to American Servicing Company, the mortgage company.

Nearly two months later, he still hasn’t heard from the company.

Shaw received documents from ASC in October stating that if all the necessary paperwork were received, the first third of the check amount would be sent immediately.

After waiting weeks, Shaw called. First, he was told a document was missing. Two weeks later, he says an ASC supervisor told him the money would be sent to the contractor, not him.

He says the supervisor wouldn't budge, so he's been stuck the foot the bill while supporting three kids.