Man exposes self in Arlington high school parking garage

An incoming freshman at an Arlington high school made a disturbing discovery on the way to freshman orientation Tuesday.

Police say a man, wearing just socks and running schools, approached the teen in the parking garage at Washington Lee High School.

Washington Lee High School student Benjamin Bean said the 14-year-old victim was the talk of twitter as students shared their shock.

Bean added, "They're freaked out about it too. I mean I'll be parking my car in that lot next year, and the threat that there might be some guy that might expose [himself] like that, every morning kinda freaks you out."

The victim was walking though the parking garage just after 10 a.m. when a white male in his 40s jumped out at the boy.

Shaken, the teen took off and called police.

Dropping off his grandson for band camp at the school, William Bollin said hearing this news is why he keeps such a close eye on his high schooler.

"Parents have to be alert. It takes all eyes, because it's getting to be commonplace," Bollin explained.

Arlington County police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck said, "It can be frightening anywhere whether it's school property, whether it's on any street, whether it's day time or night time."

This most recent occurrence is just the latest in a string of indecent exposures. Police in the county are investigating more than a dozen incidents just since March. In some cases, the suspect simply flashed themselves. In a more brazen instance, a man was seen masturbating in public.