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      Man distributes flyers in University Park seeking underage girls as wives

      The man has been spotted in neighborhoods in University Park, just south of the Maryland campus. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

      (WJLA) - Authorities in a neighborhood near the University of Maryland are trying to determine the identity of a man who is distributing a bizarre flyer in which he solicits for underage wives and sex.

      Scott McCabe, the former Washington Examiner crime writer who now writes at D.C. Crime Stories, obtained a copy of the letter, which authorities say the man is posting the one-page letter on doors throughout University Park.

      In the letter, the man makes statements with racist and sexist overtones - one proposes "sending Mexicans back to their native country" - and dictates that he needs 100 wives per year.

      Those wives, McCabe writes, should be between the ages of 12 and 16.

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