Man allegedly beaten by off-duty D.C. police officers

Three off-duty police officers are accused in the beating of a man outside a D.C. nightclub.

D.C. police would only say that there are allegations that officers were involved and the department is investigating. A 24-year-old man was beaten outside of Lotus nightclub on 14th and K Streets. Walter Blair lost one eye as a result, he says.

Blair's attorney Ron Karp said the man was celebrating his birthday with a handful of friends on June 10th. People were pouring out of the club at closing, Karp says, when a fight broke out next to Blair.

“He slips, ends up on the ground and goes into a fetal position to try to protect himself and then you have these people dressed in black, the bouncers, kicking him in the head,” Karp claims.

Three men were arrested in the incident. Sources tell ABC7 News all of them were off-duty D.C. police officers, but don’t confirm that they were working as bouncers for the club. Karp said video from security cameras captured the incident and is in police custody.

Lotus night club is listed as being owned by Michael Romeo, who also owns or runs four other clubs in the area. He did not return calls and emails seeking comment.

Blair does not face any charges. His lawyer says he is now looking into filing what he calls a very big lawsuit.