Lululemon reopens after brutal murder

"Love" is stained in glass on the store's front window in honor of Jayna Murray who died there. (Photo: WJLA)

For the first time since it became a brutal murder scene back in March, the Lululemon store in Bethesda opened its doors to the public.

The yoga shop reopened at 10 a.m. Friday morning, more than three months after employee Jayna Murray was killed there.

Her co-worker, Brittany Norwood, is charged in her murder.

Around 8 a.m., Murray's parents arrived at the store ahead of today's reopening.{ }Murray's dad, mom, and sister said they supported the store's reopening because Jayna would've wanted it that way.

“Walking into the store was difficult,” said David Murray, Jayna Murray’s father. “But for me, personally, I felt that Jayna was right there with me.”

“She was genuine,” said Phyllis Murray, the victim’s mother. “She gave everyone an enormous smile and hug. She loved the people of Bethesda and I know today is such an honor to her.”

The family is pictured below speaking to the media.

On its first day,{ }business was brisk as many shoppers were happy to see the store open again.{ }Lulelemon officials{ }say they plan to{ }embrace the theme of “love” in honor of Murray.

“I think she would love it,” said Kate Murray, Jayna’s sister-in-law. “I think she would be here today...and she is here in spirit.”{ }

In a statement, the company's spokesperson Alecia Pulman said the theme of love "represents lululemon’s love for Jayna, as well as the love she demonstrated throughout her life. Love is at the heart of lululemon as it is a core (principle) of yoga and an integral part of our values. A new stained glass piece that reads “love” will be part of the permanent storefront window to symbolize this theme and memorial."

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On Saturday, June 25 at 9 a.m., a community outdoor yoga class hosted by lululemon will take place on the public promenade across from the Bethesda store. The class will start with a moment of silence in honor of Jayna, and will be dedicated to the theme of love.

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{ }More than ever, we remain committed to the people of Bethesda. We look forward to continuing to share with this community the same passion and grace with which Jayna lived her life."

(Photos: Jummy Olabanji/WJLA)