Lt. Governor Bill Bolling says Obama voters should go to mental hospital

Bill Bolling

Virginia’s lieutenant governor is coming under fire for saying people who vote for President Barack Obama should “check themselves into a mental hospital.”

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling reportedly made the statement to the Daily Press of Hampton Roads, Va.

After making the statements, the National Alliance on Mental Illness issued a statement saying that the comment is an insult to all Americans, including those who suffer from mental illnesses.

“It is an outrageous, ignorant and prejudiced statement,” stated Michael J. Fitzpatrick, executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Mira Signer, executive director of NAMI Virginia.

“Because the Lt. Governor is state chairman of the Romney presidential campaign, we also call on Governor Romney to disavow the statement and speak out forcefully against the stigma that traditionally surrounds mental illness,” they stated.