Loudoun County students bring marijuana-laced brownies to school

Nine eighth-grade students have allegedly been suspended for 10 days for taking marijuana-laced brownies to Farmwell Station Middle School in Ashburn, according to some of their fellow students who spoke with ABC7.

ABC7 could not confirm that with the school district because it would be a privacy violation.

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident.

Apparently the kids bragged about it on Twitter and Facebook.

According to the report, social media sites lit up with discussion surrounding the incident claiming that up to 20 students had been expelled.

“Supposedly nine kids ate marijuana brownies,” said Wayde Byard of the Loudoun County Public Schools. “They ate a small amount. Nobody was staggering. No one was sick.”

But everyone seemed to know about it

“I think if they didn't want to get caught, why brag about it?” asks Josh Mitchell, an eighth grader himself.

The four girls and five boys allegedly bragged about bringing in spiked brownies. And not just in hallway whispers, but on Twitter and Facebook -- the equivalent of an online megaphone.

The kids’ own statements are now evidence for the Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman.

“A drug is a drug,” Chapman says. “It's illegal, no matter what. You have people talking about it. May have admissions about marijuana being there.”

Chapman says the nine kids were not in class Friday as officers interview them for possible narcotics violations.

The school district is also investigating.

“The first thing is to educate. That's what we're about. We're not in punishment; we're in education.” Byard says. “Penalties will be assessed, but we don't want it to be so punitive that it ruins a child’s academic career.”

Some in the Ashburn community aren’t so forgiving, saying they need to be punished.

But some of their fellow students say they already are punished and that they regret what they did.

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