Loudoun County residents mixed on Silver Line

For years, people in the D.C. metro area have clamored for the impending extension of Metro to Washington Dulles International Airport and into eastern Loudoun County.

However, there's one group of people that aren't too thrilled about paying taxes for a rail line they'll never use, and they actually live in Loudoun County themselves. In western Loudoun County, for instance, not only is traffic not much of a concern, but neither is Metro.

"It's ridiculous for us to be taxed for a Metro system that doesn't do anything for us," Hillsboro resident Pat Grigsby said.

Grigsby has parked what's known around the neighborhood as the "tax pig" in her driveway to protest the Silver Line to Dulles. She quickly realized that everyone at her church wanted to know how they could put one in their yard, too.

On the flip side, longtime Leesburg resident Patsy Dunlap likes the idea of easier access to the District and beyond, but understands why her niece and other farm neighbors don't.

"They are not interested in commercial development or big companies coming here," she said.

However, the closer you move to the Beltway, you'll find more and more people who believe Metro will be vital to the economic development of the region.

"I think it would increase the property value of my house, and that's why I own a house," Justin Medeiros, who works in Sterling, said.

The cries of those who don't want rail in their backyards, though, speak of a downgrade in their quality of life.

"We are already very crowded in Loudoun County," Sterling resident Ron Bock said. "I really don't want the increase in traffic and population that it will bring."