Loudoun County rejects ban on Christmas displays

This display caused controversy Monday. It was removed yesterday.

Christmas is here to stay in Loudoun County. And it appears that potentially controversial displays are, too.

County supervisors on Tuesday rejected a proposal to ban all displays. The issue came to the forefront Monday after a skeletal hanging Santa was put up in front of the Loudoun County courthouse.

“Our children are going to shop with their parents and have the right to walk down the street without being accosted by threatening violent images like a skeletal Santa on a crucifix,” says Stevens Miller, the Loudoun County official who pushed the bill to ban displays.

The only holiday display currently up at the courthouse is a Christmas tree.

Christmas has become contentious in Loudoun County after the constitutionality of the annual Nativity scene was questioned.

Public uproar stopped the board of supervisors from banning displays all together, so now the county issues several permits for displays that are religious and otherwise.

A group of atheists says they should all go. But if they’re allowed everyone should a get a say.

Leesburg is decked out in preparation for Saturday's big holiday parade. A nativity scene will be set up on the courthouse lawn by then, as will a display from atheists.