Stuart Grimes, Herndon man charged in pet's death

A Herndon man, who had accused Loudoun County sheriff’s deputies of killing his dog, Rex, has been charged in the pet’s death.

Authorities say 24-year-old Stuart Grimes is charged with animal cruelty and confinement of an animal in a vehicle. He faces up to 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine.

Grimes claims his dog died after spending several hours in a sweltering car when police arrested him in Sterling. Grimes alleged that he told Sheriff’s deputies that his dog was in the car, but they ignored him.

After an investigation by Loudoun County Animal Control into the pet’s death, officials could not confirm Grimes’s allegations against the Sheriff’s deputies, nor was there any evidence to support his claims.

Rex was found to have died from symptoms related to heat stroke.

Loudoun County man blames sheriff's deputies for{ }death of his dog

A Loudoun County man is outraged after he blames sheriff's deputies for the death of his beloved dog.

The man admits to drinking too much, which led to his arrest in Sterling.

But, it's what happened next that has him so upset.

"Rex - is the best ....only dog I've ever had," Stu Grimes says.

Rex, a four-year old Labrador-Boxer mix, spent at least 15 sweltering hours trapped inside Grimes’ Chrysler Monday. He didn't make it out alive.

Grimes went to an IHOP in Sterling after a night out. It was 5 a.m. Loudoun County Sheriff's deputies were called to the restaurant because they say Grimes fell asleep in a booth.

He was arrested for being drunk in public and resisting arrest. On June 21, Grimes, 24, of Herndon, was arrested on charges of animal cruelty and confinement of an animal in a vehicle. The charges are based on the death of his dog "Rex" on May 31.

“I was drunk, they were sober,” he says. “They were hired to serve and protect.”

Grimes alleges he repeatedly asked the deputies to get Rex out of his SUV. But a Loudoun County statement says: "...our records show no indication that Mr. Grimes mentioned a vehicle or a dog to the arresting deputies or the corrections staff at the Adult Detention Center."

"He pulled my keys out and hit the panic button to find out which vehicle was mine and it was in front of him," Grimes says.

Grimes was booked into jail at 6:30 a.m., where he says he continued to ask deputies about his dog.

Meanwhile back at IHOP, Rex was still in the SUV. It reached 95 degrees outside, which our experts say means it got as hot as 130 degrees inside the SUV.

"I was praying he wasn't in the back of my car,” Grimes says.

Grimes bailed out of jail at 8 p.m. and went to the IHOP where he found his car and Rex.

"They say they didn't know about the dog or the car,” Grimes says. “That's not fair. I was begging them to save my dog."

Late Friday afternoon, after ABC7 inquiries, the sheriff's office changed its position, saying they did know about the car but maintained Grimes didn't say a word about Rex.