Loudoun County homeowner shot at teen several times

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office says a warning shot was fired{ } before a homeowner fatally shot a teen he found inside his home early Sunday morning.

The sheriff's office met with the family of 16-year-old Caleb Gordley Wednesday to update them on their latest findings.

Thursday night, friends and family gathered for a celebration of the life of Caleb Gordley.

After drinking with friends, Gordley attempted to sneak back into his Pullman Court home but mistakenly entered a neighbor's home two doors down. While breaking into the home is a crime in itself, authorities do not believe Gordley entered the home with any further criminal intent.

But when he entered through an unlocked, rear window, a security alarm was activated.

When the homeowner went to investigate, he found Gordley inside his home. According to a search warrant filed in Loudoun County, the homeowner gave Gordley a verbal warning and fired his weapon as a warning. The sheriff's office says Gordley continued up the stairwell and into a hallway, passing the homeowner as he walked towards an occupied bedroom. The homeowner fired his weapon several times, striking the teen once in the back of his shoulder. Gordley died at the scene.

Officials say the .40 caliber pistol the homeowner used was legally owned and add how Gordley and his friends obtained alcohol is a separate issues from the shooting. However, the sheriff's office is investigating how the alcohol was obtained.

The investigation into the shooting remains open pending a final report from the Medical Examiner's Office.