Loudoun County High students never miss class...ever

Neither Alex nor Connor missed a day of school between kindergarten and 12th grade. Photo: ABC7

From the very start, Loudoun County High School graduates Alex and Connor Winemiller took the term "stay in school" literally.

Very literally.

Alex, the younger brother, graduated from the Leesburg school last week with a 4.2 GPA. His older brother did the same two years ago. Both of them are celebrated because, remarkably, neither missed a single day of school in their lives dating back to kindergarten.

"It's sort of something to look back and say, 'I've been in school more days than most teachers have ever been in school,'" Connor said.

For Alex and Connor, it wasn't a goal for them to not miss a day of school, but more of a responsibility. They've never even been late.

"It's definitely something that looks good on our resume," Alex said. "Never been late, never missed a day. Who wouldn't want that?"

It wasn't always easy though, as the two scheduled appointments for days off and stayed as healthy as possible, a credit to their mother, Lynn.

"I had one person say to me, 'You sent your kids to school sick'...I would never do that," she said. "I made sure the kids got their rest and they took their vitamins and exercised."

As Connor continues his studies as a computer science junior at the University of South Carolina, Alex is headed to Virginia Tech to double major in pure mathematics and physics. His goal is to become a theoretical particle physicist.

Both schools clearly know that they'll rarely have to worry about Alex and Connor not showing up for class.