Lost and Found on Metro

At Metro’s Lost and Found, riders come to look for misplaced glasses, cell phones and keys – or more unusual items: A biker helmet, sporting goods or drumsticks.

TBD's John Hendel also spotted a toolbox, a tennis racket and a hockey stick.

See pictures of Metro's Lost and Found here.

“When school starts in next two weeks, we'll start receiving bookbags, books, homework,” Metro Customer Relations Manager Lendy Castillo predicts.

About 3,500 lost items per month wait to be claimed. One of them is a pair of keys belonging to Maya Young. Sorting through hundreds of lost keys, 15-year old Young found hers.

“It didn't take long because I saw my string hanging, and I… just pulled it, and then I was glad they were mine,” Young said.

So far, Waldorf resident James Shaw hasn't been so lucky. Two days ago, he lost his keys.
“I had them on my lap after I got on the train, as I got off, I remember not putting them in pocket or bag,” he said.

Castillo says riders often turn in lost items they find on the Metro. “Our customers are with us, they understand the hustle and bustle of the day and if they find something, they immediately hand it to our station managers,” Castillo said.

If you lose something on the train or bus, Castillo says you should fill out an online claim form on Metro’s website.

That way, when another rider finds and turns it in, there's already a record for it. It usually takes about five days for recovered items to make it from a Metro station to the Lost and Found service in Hyattsville.

Metro auctions any items not claimed after 30 days.