Lorton Sub Shop explosion: Search warrants shed new light on investigation

Newly released warrants are shedding new light into the investigation of a firebombing at a sandwich shop in Lorton. They are also casting a shadow on the man burned in the fire.

"Am I angry. No, I'm not angry 'cause then that's a negative statement I'm carrying around, and I'm not angry," said Lawrence Resse, the owner of the Lorton Sub Shop.

Reese suffered third and fourth degree burns from an explosion at the business last month. He is slowly moving forward from the incident.

"I just feel happy that I'm up," he added.

But a search warrant in Fairfax County raises questions about what exactly happened on Feb. 6.

After speaking with Reese and the suspect, 25-year-old Horace Thompson, investigators claim statements from both are inconsistent with preliminary findings in the investigation.

"That's up to them for what they think they hear. I've never made any changes to what I've said," Reese continued.

He says he was unloading supplies from his trunk when Thompson, his son's friend, slipped into the store and into the bathroom. Thompson told Reese he lit a cigar in the bathroom and ignited nearby cleaning chemicals when he was trying to put it out, which caused the explosion.

"A freak accident, very much. To my knowledge, a freak accident," Reese said. "Nothing in the world can make you say that person did anything intentionally to you at all when you know the person."

In fact, Reese says Thompson saved him from the fire.

"He dragged me right to that door. I know it too," he explained.

The warrant also details how a week after the incident, an investigator noticed a Chevy van in the parking lot of the sub shop with two gas tanks inside. The van was subsequently impounded.

Authorities believe the gas tanks were connected to the explosion - another claim Reese says is not true.

Thompson remains in custody in Fairfax County. His next court hearing is scheduled for May 8.