Looking for love? There's an app for that

If you were looking for love on this Valentine's Day, your smart phone could have been your hook-up. A couple of D.C. guys launched a new app that plays virtual matchmaker.

It lets you rate "friends of friends" ... and discover a mutual attraction.

If you have an iPhone and a Facebook profile, that's all you need. The app - called Hinge - turns your Facebook friend network into a dating game. And plenty of people are logging in for love.

With Hinge, you see people's photo, name and job, plus a quirky made-up fact.

The free app keeps track of all the people you rate a 4 or a 5 and if they show a similar interest in you, a match is made and an introductory email goes out.

The app was released on iPhones last week just for those in the D.C. area and 2,000 people have already downloaded it and 1,400 of them were matched.

An Android version is just days away.

NewsChannel 8's Jenny Doren talks with Justin McLeod, Hinge founder and CEO, and Bennett Richardson, Hinge CMO.