Logmill Road in Prince William County to be flattened

A road with steep hills in Prince William County, colloquially known as "Thrill Hill" or "Roller Coaster Road," has recently claimed the lives of three young people. Now plans are in the works to re-engineer the road.

Transportation crews will move forward with a $3 million project this summer to flatten Logmill Road in Haymarket, from Parnell Court to Route 15.

"These kids don't see danger and my son was no different," said mother Yolanda Meffert.

Her teenaged son Derek was the victim of a drunk driver on the notoriously dangerous road.

Derek died in 2010.

"At great speed from the bottom of Mountain Road and you start revving up and you get to the top of the hill and you fly over the top of the hill, you catch air," Meffert said.

Eight months after Derek died, two girls were killed a few hundred feet away.

Savannah Mouratidis and Kendra Tucker were passengers. The driver of the car was going 80 miles per hour when he hit a deer and careened off the road, police said.

"When people don't follow those speed limits, obviously if lines of sight are more difficult because you're coming over a hill or around a turn, that creates safety issues," said Prince William County spokesman Jason Grant.

Police are patrolling the area but now County leaders are taking more drastic measure to prevent another deadly crash.

Soon, crews will work to erase Logmill Road's infamous hills.

"Flattening it allows you to have better visibility as vehicle are coming through," Grant said.

Meffert wants tougher penalties for people who continue to speed and drive drunk down the treacherous road.

"If they're going to flatten out this road they need to follow it up with teeth," Meffert said. "They're used to seeing it. They become jaded to it and drive right by it, not realizing they could be a cross there, too."