Logan Sellers, 2, victim of alleged beating

Late Tuesday afternoon, Tina Guessford and her daughter Doris released three green balloons to the heavens and then fought back tears.

The balloons are for 2-year-old Logan Sellers, the victim of an alleged brutal beating. He was removed from life support and died Monday. Guessford a close family friend says he loved balloons.

Brian Miller, 33, is the man charged with Logan's death. He was Logan's mother’s boyfriend and, according to court documents, he admitted to police that he threw the 2-year-old down for "trashing" a room in Logan's house

He's charged with child abuse now but likely will be charged with murder.

The death of Logan has outraged people in Hagerstown and beyond. Logan's house is plastered with notes and green balloons. A candlelight vigil around this pond drew more than a hundred people last night and a Facebook page titled Justice for Logan has messages from people around the world.

Dougie Wallech, who lived across from Logan and his mother, says everyone feels pretty much the same emotions.

“A little rage a lot of grief, a lot of sadness,” he says. “It’s so, so heartbreaking I hate it. I hate it.”