14th Street shooting leaves man injured, bystanders shocked

A police photographer documents evidence of the shooting on 14th Street. Photo: ABC7

A shooting on 14th Street in Northwest D.C. put one man in the hospital Thursday night and stunned witnesses along the corridor populated with busy bars and restaurants.

Police roped off the area outside Pulp, a gift shop at 1803 14th Street, near where authorities say the shooting took place. A few feet from the store's door, the victim's bloodied clothing was still laying on the sidewalk.

The crime scene extended four blocks North to U Street, where police had roped off a black SUV.

Amelia Gallaher had left Ted's Bulletin just before 9 p.m. when she saw the commotion across the street on S Street and 14th.

"We heard gun shots," Gallaher said. "We saw a bunch of people running up and we saw one guy kind of limping and he was saying how he had gotten hit."

Steve Lanning was driving his wife and 9-year-old daughter home after seeing a play downtown when he believes he heard four gunshots.

"I turned to look, because at first you think it's fireworks, but it was just too loud," Lanning said. "We heard the passenger side door get with something; you realize immediately it's a bullet, and we fled a couple blocks north.

"I turned around to look to see if my daughter was okay," he added. "I never thought I'd have to do that in my life."

The victim was taken to the hospital. As of Thursday night, police did not elaborate on the extent of his injuries or why he was shot.