Local volleyball permits not so easy to acquire

(WJLA) - Volleyball can be a tough sport, but the teams that play at the Lincoln Memorial face off long before they take to the courts.

"There is definitely favorites in the in the process of who can get permits and who can't," says player Bridget Lambert.

Though this is National Park land, the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation gives out permits to play here. This is the line that formed over the weekend to get volleyball permits for July.

"For the past couple of years, the permit process has been monopolized by some for-profit companies just taking over the volley ball courts," claims Mitch Kramer.

The permit itself costs less than $10, but individual players say private sports groups who hire people to wait a long time in line have cornered the market on volleyball permits. They then charge teams to play.

Now, critics say the for-profit sports companies are cashing in thanks to an antiquated permitting system.

"It's a little bureaucratic to get access to get permits here -- it should be a lot easier to access the courts and play here," says Mitch Kramer, who claims his pals maintain the courts, but now cannot even play on them:

"We collect money and we use it to buy sand and we have rehabilitated the courts and we pay for the port-a-john that is there and now we can't even use the courts that we that we rehabbed."

Some of the players say it’s time that D.C. comes up with a new way of giving out these permits:

"The lottery that would be an easier system of something else that can speed up the process," says Jamie Albarracin.