Local toy drive underway for victims of Sandy

At the Bayou Bakery in Arlington, the mood is festive.

The staff is hoping to share some of this holiday magic with thousands desperate families hundreds of miles away who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

A toy drive is underway, focused on collecting toys for children of New Jersey and others displaced by Hurricane Sandy back in October. Rogue 24 in DC and Mussel Bar in Bethesda are other restaurants in the area giving away goodies in return for an unwrapped gift.

"We are giving people some chocolate peanut sandies, trying to bring a little sweetness to that name," says David Gaus Bayou Bakery.

The toy drive ends Wednesday night at 9, at the same time when big name artists will be on stage also doing their part for hurricane Sandy victims. The highly publicized "12-12-12" concert takes place at Madison Square Garden.

Every penny sold from ticket sales will go directly to a Relief Fund. With names like Bon Jovi, Sir Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen, many here at the Bayou hope the aid is widespread.

A culmination of events very dear to heart of chef and owner Guas, who was born in New Orleans. His parent's lost their home during Katrina. He knows that giving, even a small toy is essential.