Military mom reacts to Obama's Afghanistan plan

Alicia Wiggins (Photo: WJLA)

There is nothing Alicia Wiggins wants more than her son’s safe return from Afghanistan. Army Sepcialist Jonathan Logsdon has been in Eastern Afghanistan since January. His mother says he’s had four near-death experiences.

“Every time the phone rings or somebody knocks at the door you're just hoping that it’s not news about your kid, but at the same time you don't pray that it's somebody else,” Wiggins said.

Last night, President Obama outlined his plan to bring soldiers like Logsdon home from Afghanistan, which includes bringing home 33,000 troops by next summer.

But for Wiggins, the announcement is disappointing. She wants her son and other troops home as soon as possible.

Wiggins says her son tells her how the Afghan people don’t want U.S. soldiers in their country. She feels the debt the country is incurring isn’t worth the minimal progress being made in Afghanistan.

As she organizes a care package for her only son, she can’t help thinking of when he’ll return.

“I just want it to be over - not just for my son but for everybody,” she said. “I would lay down on the road and die for him to come home now.”