Local jury duty scam targets Fairfax couple

(WJLA) - This Fairfax County couple didn’t want to be identified, but they received a call two nights ago. It was allegedly a deputy on the line speaking in legal jargon – and he was aggressive.

"They said, 'This is Lieutenant so-and-so from the Fairfax County Sheriff's Department," the couple explains. "He went on to tell us we had missed a court date. Two court dates. And we'd been sent this stuff in the mail and we had just ignored it."

The caller then threatened that an arrest warrant had been issued for the wife, but claimed there was a way to fix it: pay a fine of about $700 or $800.

"It's a scare tactic," says Dustin Sternbeck with the Arlington County Police. "That's what the subject is aiming to do -- scare residents into paying funds immediately."

It’s a scam that’s reportedly been sweeping the Washington Metro area since February, and most of the time, the scammers require the fine to be paid via money card.

Unfortunately, the convenience store debit cards are untraceable, just like the pay-as-you-go phones that these scam artists are using.

Fortunately for this couple, they didn’t take the caller’s bait, so they’re speaking out so that you don’t either.