Local dog sniffs out termites

He’s man’s best friend—and termites’ worst enemy.

Marlowe has been sniffing out termites for two years now.

“He only detects the odor of termites that are present and live-- if old infestation he won't alert on it,” said Steve Dodge, the Director of Pro-Tech Pest’s K9 services.

Pro-Tech Pest Control adopted the rescue dog, a jack russell-beagle mix—and trained him at the FSI Academy for dogs. Now, it guarantees you 100 percent that he'll find any termites in your home.

“Marlowe is an awesome little dog,” said homeowners Jim and Pat Morrell, who put Marlowe to the test.

Marlowe’s timing is great—termite treatments are way up this year because the winter was so mild.

“Many pest professionals in the mid-Atlantic region are reporting double-digit increases in number of inspections and termite treatments doing this year,” said Missy Henriksen, the Vice President of Public Affairs for the National Pest Management Association.

They say it's important to get an annual termite inspection, because termites eat fast.

The Morrells haven't had an inspection in years.

“We love our home and want full protection for it,” Jim Morrell said.

When Marlowe smells termites, he sits and points his nose at the troubled spot. He did just that to tell the Morrell’s that they have termites near the fireplace.

“We had no idea we had a problem,” Morrell said, adding “we have caught it early, so, we’re very pleased by that.”

To reduce your chance of getting termites—and needing a termite dog like Marlowe, experts say don't put mulch any closer than 18- inches from your home's foundation, and make sure your gutters and downspouts are working properly.