Local couple, sisters both united by Facebook

Local couple, sisters united by Facebook

Facebook was created on the premise of bringing people together—some locals have really felt the effects of the social networking site in their lives.

They grew up in the same area of Rockville back in 1972, they went to the same middle school and high school and even hung out at the same lake. But, with all of that in common, Elizabeth and Paul never met. Until, of course, one day, an old picture popped up on Facebook.

“He swept me off my feet. He's pretty romantic,” said Elizabeth Marburger Scuderi.

“What brought us together was the commonality of something—just that silly little picture, just that silly little picture,” said Paul Scuderi.

Paul posted a question about the picture. Elizabeth responded.

“He said I remember you and he complimented my eyes. I was like, oh yeah, he looked like James Taylor in high school,” Elizabeth said.

Through Facebook, the two got to know each other, chatting on each other’s walls. As it was all unfolding, their friends from Magruder High School were watching.

"We went out first night talked for three hours, it was like going was like instant connection...connection," Elizabeth said.

Paul lived in Damascus. Elizabeth was in Springfield. Living 50 miles apart all these years, both had married, divorced, had children, and finally, they started dating.

It turns out the two had a lot of mutual friends.

"Paul dated Betsy in High School, Betsy was my best friend in Middle School… it was bizarre that I didn't know,” Elizabeth said.

Nine months after stumbling upon each other on Facebook, Paul and Elizabeth got engaged. They got married at Smokey Glen Farm in Gaithersburg where their high school reunion picnics were held almost one year ago.

“I think it's wonderful, I think it works,” Paul said of social media leading him to meet his wife.


Paul and Elizabeth are not the only ones who have rekindled relationships on Facebook.

Jennifer Brown and Jessica Barley are half-sisters, sharing the same father. The two lived just 15 minutes apart in the Stafford area. But, they had not seen each other for 26 years.

“We could've been in the Walmart together...we might have...and just not have known it,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer wanted to find Jessica, so, she searched her name on Facebook and sent her a friend request.

“I said I think you're my sister—something to that your mom, is your dad?" Jennifer said.

“I was like, I can't believe she found me....on Facebook,” said Jessica.

“So, I immediately replied and said, yes, it's me!" Jennifer said.

After their parents divorced, each sister moved away with their mothers and lost touch. That distance dissolved when the two red heads met in person a year ago.

“As soon as we saw each other, we just hugged...and it was like, don't cry...we cried anyway,” Jennifer said.

The sisters talked for five hours straight that day, catching up on life, and their children.

“It was just like we were kids again...never skipped a beat,” Jennifer said.

“I like having a sister,” Jessica said.

The sisters took their first vacation to Florida last year. They have two other sisters who they also lost touch with after their parents broke up. They are still trying to connect with one of them, who is not on Facebook…yet.