Local bar gets TV makeover

Local bar gets makeover

A troubled local bar is undergoing a transformation overnight—with the help of the national TV spotlight.

The Spike TV show Bar Rescue is giving the local bar a lift. A Spike host helps struggling bar owners with some tough love.

But, the Silver Spring pirate themed bar owner is pretty upset with the changes that have already taken place.

Tracy Rebelo runs Piratz Tavern, where the signature drink is something called grog—a rum and syrup concoction.

"You're walking into a pirate environment that sort of feels infantile, like it's for children,” said “Bar Rescue” host Jon Taffer.

Piratz Tavern is the setting of Spike TV’s reality show "Bar Rescue,” which is serving up drama on the rocks.

“This bar needs rescuing more than any bar I've ever seen,” Taffer said.

The off-beat Maryland bar is Taffer’s latest endeavor.

“Do we need rescuing, do we need to start making a profit” Yes,” Rebelo said.

Taffer came to Rebelo when her bar was on the verge of failing.

“We have not gotten the foot traffic I expected to get when I signed the lease,” Rebelo said.

The area's only pirate themed bar wasn't bringing in the loot...Taffer's answer? Tough love.

Taffer's crew brought in a new chef and is making the bar into a white collar downtown lunch spot.

“Tracy needs to become less creative and more of a business person,” said Taffer.

Rebelo isn't happy with the changes.

“It's been tough...he's also ripped the soul out of this place,” Rebelo said.

Judging by the lines's a transformation bar-goers are eager to see.

“I’m putting faith in him to make this something that from what I can tell is the complete contradiction of what we're doing,” Rebelo said.

The show is set to air in late spring or early summer. The bar reopens Saturday with a new look, a new menu and a new attitude.