List of D.C. officials trageted for recall grows

A number of D.C. officials are accused of misusing campaign funds or public money.

A resident’s effort to recall Mayor Vincent Gray has been expanded to include other public officials entangled in recent scandals.

Monday’s D.C. council’s hearing came after a week of allegations about misconduct by District officials.

Attorney General Irv Nathan accused Concilmember Harry Thomas of using more than $300,000 in public funds for his own personal purposes, including buying an expensive car.

On Friday, the Office of Campaign Finance filed a complaint accusing Council Chairman Kwame Brown of failing to account for nearly $200,000 in campaign donations that were shuttled to a business owned by Brown's brother. These could lead to criminal charges if it's found Brown knowingly falsified campaign reports.

Brown and Thomas aren't the only ones under a cloud.

Councilmember Jim Graham admitted his chief of staff attempted to pass him a bribe. While he didn't take it, he failed to report the bribe or fire the chief of staff who offered it.

Councilmeber Michael Brown has come under fire for promoting online gambling while his former law firm represented the company that would benefit if online gambling were legalized.

Fredrick Butler has launched a campaign to recall Mayor Vincent Gray, Chairman Brown as well as Councilmembers Graham and Michael Brown.

"This has everything to do with D.C. residents being infuriated and frustrated with what’s going on," Butler said.

Residents interviewed by ABC7’s Mark Seagraves were disappointed with the Mayor and councilmembers, but split on whether or not to throw them out of office.

"I don't know about recall, but they have to be held accountable,” said D.C. resident Irma Sally.

"It just seems too much stuff is going on and I hate to see it going back to how it was 10 years ago,” said Ken Hopper, another resident.

It’s important to note each of the elected officials targeted for recall insists he's done nothing wrong. None of them has been found guilty of a crime as the investigations continue.

As for the prospects of a recall, organizers would need to gather more than 40.000 signatures to get on the ballot. No past recall effort has been successful.