Linda Rastall, Betty Turner arrested for allegedly assaulting autistic boy in Culpeper

Linda Rastall (left) and Betty Turner (right) are accused of assaulting an autistic boy.

Clay Campbell has had to endure an experience he wouldn't wish on any other parent.

According to authorities, Campbell's 5-year-old son, who is autistic and a student at Sycamore Park Elementary, was physically and verbally assaulted by two adult monitors on the bus ride home on February 20th.

“You try to do what's best for your son to move forward to help him get past this and to shelter him from it as much as possible,” he says.

Police say Linda Rastall, 50, and Betty Turner, 56, were charged with misdemeanor assault and battery and misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Rastall worked as a teacher’s aide and Turner worked as a former bus aide.

Police say the pair physically and verbally assaulted the autistic boy because the boy was crying and upset over a toy being taken from him.

Rastall and Turner allegedly picked up the boy and slammed him in the seat and put their weight against him - all of it clear to see on security camera video from inside the bus.

The shades to Rastall’s home were quickly drawn when ABC7 sought comment.

Campbell says the Culpeper School District was slow to respond, despite his repeated calls for action.

"I don't think they handled it very well, I don't think they handled it in a timely manner,” he says.

School district representative Stacey Timmons says both employees resigned shortly after the incident.

"We believe as a school district we took the appropriate action. I know we took swift action,” Timmons says.

Rastall and Turner were released on bond and have a court appearance on May 8.