Lincoln Memorial vandalism cleanup finished Friday

The Lincoln Memorial was defaced July 26 with green and while paint. Photo: Suzanne Kennedy

Three weeks after the Lincoln Memorial became the first of several D.C. landmarks to be defaced with paint, crews finished cleaning the monument Friday

Plastic and scaffolds surrounding the monument to our 16th president was removed and an NPS spokesperson says that workers will spend Friday eliminating the last, "barely noticeable" specks of paint.

Initially, the monument was power washed and then a citrus based cleaner was used. On Thursday night, an alcohol based solvent was applied.

“Every single time we did it we got a little bit stronger but still within conservation limits and so this was the final step and we're very happy with the results,” says Carol Johnson of the National Park Service.

The Lincoln Memorial was vandalized July 26 when someone threw green and white paint over Lincoln's chest and the statue's base.

Vandalism was later also found on a statue outside the Smithsonian Castle, at the Washington National Cathedral and a Lutheran church in the Logan Circle area.

Jiamei Tran, a 58-year-old woman, was arrested at the Cathedral after it was defaced. She's currently at a halfway house while facing charges.

Henry Perea is visiting from the West Coast and was one of the first to see the newly repaired memorial.

“When I learned I was coming out to D.C., this was one of the first places I wanted to see because I was so disheartened when I saw in California the news of the memorial being defaced,” he says.