Lightning strikes two in Arlington

The strength of the storms that ripped through the region this weekend came as a surprise to many, including Mike Villado who was sitting inside his home when he heard lightning strike.

He said he heard two “booms,” saw a huge flash of light and thought a tree was struck.

When Villado he got outside a scary and shocking scene. Villado's neighbors were lying on the ground, the man performing CPR on the woman, after officials say they were hit by a bolt of lightning.

Villado says he told the couple not to move and quickly called 911.

“He was in shock and he was basically trying to get her to breathe again and get a pulse,” he said.

Authorities say the husband and wife, who also live in this community, were rushed to the hospital. The charred umbrella they were carrying, was still on the sidewalk.

Neighbors, meanwhile, say the power and persistence of mother nature is scary.

“I was extremely shocked,” said one. “That's the last thing I expected.”