Lightning prompts fires and downed trees in Montgomery Co.

(WJLA) - Bob Engelhart’s quiet block in Takoma Park is overrun by the sound of chainsaws and a wood chipper. His whole house creaks and groans as a crane lifts huge branches from a crushed roof - caused by an oak tree dating back to the civil war blasting through his historic home at about 1:30 a.m. on Thursday.

“I've heard limbs hit the house before -- I had no idea it was the whole tree, it was a 100-foot tall tree and its girth was huge."

Engelhart says it was a close call. It was lightning that prompted fires earlier in three separate Montgomery County homes, and touched off the most serious fire in Alex Liu’s Rockville home.

“The roof was ablaze pretty seriously, and then debris was falling off the roof," he says.

It has certainly been a wild weather week - from flash floods trapping drivers and destroying homes in P.G. County, to lighting fires and falling trees.

The only good news, Engelhart points out, is that there have been no serious injuries.