Letter carriers protest delivery after dark

(WJLA) - When 26-year-old postal worker Tyson Barnette was killed last November while delivering mail in the dark, his mother and aunt said he never should have been working out on the streets after sundown.

"I'm thinking he would still be here because I think they did it under the cover of dark so they wouldn't be caught. I think he would really still be here," said his mother, Bridget Barnette.

"The only advantage the dark had was for the criminal," added Felita Guy, Barnette's aunt.

Postal workers now plan to rally Monday night for an end to all after-dark deliveries, arguing that more carriers are needed and that they should be able to start their delivery shifts earlier and have to work only eight hours a day.

Karen Nance is a grandmother who finds herself out on her route later than she feels safe:

"I'm always watching my back. If I hear a noise, I'm always looking and trying to see, always watching my surroundings. It's hard to see in the dark."

Darrell Hall, 35, is another carrier who says this is a nationwide problem, finally brought to light by November’s P.G. County murder of Barnette.

"The possibility of dogs, the possibility of vehicle accidents, all those things increase when you are on the street at night," he said. "I wish no carrier should have to be out there past 5 o'clock on any given day."

Protestors plan to march from the MLK Memorial to postal headquarters at L'enfant Plaza, Monday at 5:30 p.m.