Linwood Johnson arrested for Lenny Harris murder

Linwood Johnson (Booking photo)

Police have arrested a man in connection with Lenny Harris' slaying.

Police say the suspect, Linwood Johnson, 49, gave a full confession and robbery is the motive.

Johnson and Harris knew each other but police wouldn't go into detail about the relationship.

Lawrence Brown, one of Harris's closest friends, said the news of the arrest doesn't make matters much easier and believes more than one person is responsible. He said he'd never heard of Linwood Johnson.

Brown said it should be noted how Harris's valuables were found abandoned throughout the area.

"You pick up a cell phone in one place, a car another place, the body another place, it just seems to be more than one person involved," Brown said.

Police said more arrests are forthcoming.

Harris was killed by a gunshot wound to the head.

Sources say a caller used a disposable cell phone to make a 911 call alerting police that Harris’ body was in a well.

Harris, 53, was last seen alive September 21 at 9 p.m. at a rec center in Alexandria. Three hours later somebody in a white minivan tried to use his credit card in Prince George's County.

One hour after that, a man with a distinctive tattoo on his arm used Harris' card in Alexandria.

Harris' car was found about a month after he disappeared.