Lenny Harris found dead: Gunshot wound killed community activist

Harris' body was found in a well last week. (Photo: ABC7)

It took police, firefighters and private excavators 53 hours to remove the decomposed body of Alexandria activist Lenny Harris from a 25 foot deep well near a home in Fort Washington.

Once his remains were out, it was clear he had been killed by a gunshot wound to the head.

Now the focus is on finding the killer and the person who called 911 to tell authorities where to look months after Harris vanished.

Police said the call was very specific. In a well, they would find the body of Lenny Harris.

Sources say the caller used a disposable cell phone to make the 911 call, but they have not given up on making an ID.

"We're looking at every aspect of this issue, this crime, beginning with the caller back to September," said Chief Mark Magaw.

Harris, 53, was last seen alive September 21 at 9 p.m. at a rec center in Alexandria. Three hours later somebody in a white minivan tried to use his credit card in Prince George's County. One hour after that, a man with a distinctive tattoo on his arm used Harris' card in Alexandria.

Harris' car was found about a month after he disappeared.

Alexandria's Chief of Police hopes the mystery of his death can be solved. Like many, he knew Harris well.

"He fought for issues all the way from government facilities for disadvantaged or minorities," said Chief Earl Cook. "Other times it was simply issues about funding and housing."

David Hough of Alexandria says he first met Harris at one of the many events in which he was involved at the Rec Center. He knew him as a man who wanted to help people. He finds his violent death hard to comprehend.

"I'm so sad to hear that," Hough said. "I mean, I don't understand it."