Leggett defeats Duncan in Montgomery County Executive race

Ike Leggett. (AP photo)

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJLA) - It wasn't just candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general that Maryland voters chose between on Tuesday - they also decided the Montgomery County Executive race.

With a majority of votes tallied late Tuesday night, Ike Leggett defeated two other candidates on the ballot.

During the campaign, Leggett touted the fact that he slashed county budgets, yet still earned dozens of endorsements from the groups that were most impacted by the cuts.

"We made some tough, tough decisions," he said. "I think people recognize that we provided excellent leadership under some difficult, difficult circumstances."

Leggett also had contended he was the only candidate in the race who had "a record of getting things done."

Doug Duncan, who reigned as county executive from 1994 to 2006, finish second in Tuesday's voting. He had said he was hungry to put Montgomery County back on the right path.

"We have a county executive who is satisfied with the status quo. And the status quo in Montgomery County right now is that we lead the state in job loss, our schools are overcrowded, and the achievement gap in our schools is widening," Duncan said.

Longtime Councilman Phil Andrews, considered an underdog by many, finished third. Posing with his wife Staci after casting their ballots on Tuesday, Andrews said he was proud he hadn't accepted one donation from a special interest group.

The Gaithersburg resident also said he was most concerned about the county's fiscal future.

"If you have excessive salaries and benefits, then you're going to have excessive taxes, and that's exactly what we have," he said. "We need a county executive who is going to spend our tax dollars like we spend our dollars - really carefully."