Intercounty Connector speed limit should be raised, Leggett says

(Photo: Doug Tone)

WASHINGTON (AP) - Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett says the 55-mph speed limit on Maryland's Intercounty Connector should be increased.

Leggett told WTOP Friday that drivers should be allowed to take advantage of the "opportunity to go faster at a safe speed."

Traffic is generally light on the 18-mile toll road, which connects Interstate 95 in Prince George's County with I-270 in Montgomery County.

The Maryland Transportation Authority controls the toll road and is studying the possibility of raising the speed limit.

But officials say the road was designed to handle a top speed of 60 mph. Harold Bartlett, who heads the transportation authority, says the road was built for the future and includes extra capacity.

He says vehicle volume is consistent with projections for this point in its history.

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