Sniper shootings: Ten years ago today, shootings started

It was ten years ago on this day that James Martin, 55, was shot and killed in the Wheaton Shoppers parking lot—the first in a string of deadly sniper shootings that terrorized this region.

Four people were gunned down at gas stations. People took their chances just filling up.

“I remember everyone hiding under tarps when they were trying to pump gas,” recalls Silver Spring resident Brad Bryan.

Police went on wild goose chases, targeting at one point white box trucks. And when the snipers shot and wounded a 13-year-old boy at school, residents realized nothing was sacred.

And when it was finally over, John Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo were found sleeping in their blue Chevrolet Caprice at a rest stop near Hagerstown.

"I was a monster...If, if, if I mean, if you look up the definition...I mean, that's what monster is. I was a ghoul...I was a thief...I stole people's lives,” said one of the charged snipers, Lee Boyd Malvo, in a recent interview with the Washington Post.

John Allen Muhammed and Malvo killed ten people and critically injured three more in the shootings. Muhammad was executed in 2009. Malvo, a juvenile at the time of the killings, was sentenced to six life terms. Now, a decade later in an exclusive interview with the Washington Post, he says he's remorseful.

"I am sorry. I am sorry...And it sounds...there is no way to express, there is no way to express that...I mean...what am I going to tell them?” Malvo said.

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