Leah's House in danger of closing

In St. Mary's County, the first women and children's shelter to open, Leah’s House, now may have to close its doors.

It will leave many struggling to find a safe place.

“Tasha” and her two young children were already evicted from their home three months ago. They're staying at the crisis shelter Leah's house.

She worries what they'll do if the shelter is closed.

Five years ago, three acres of land was purchased with a dilapidated building for $350,000. With volunteers and donations, they were able to put up the home.

But a year ago, short on donations, a deal was worked out with Harbor Bank to cut down monthly payments.

Then this week, the crisis shelter director, Rev. Marguerite Morris, was shocked to get a notice from the bank's attorney demanding $316,000 be paid by Thursday. It’s the entire balance on the mortgage.

She doesn't know what Harbor Bank will do when she fails to pay off the whole mortgage.

The bank declined to comment.