Laurie Napper, Howard U. Hospital technician, charged with selling information

(Photo: Flickr/mvjantzen)

A Howard University Hospital surgery technician has been charged with selling the personal information of patients, the Washington Times reports.

Jim McElhatton of the Times writes that Laurie Napper is accused of selling the names of patients, their addresses and Medicare numbers. The charges come several weeks after hospital officials say a laptop containing medical records was stolen from the facility.

However, hospital officials say in a statement that the allegations against Napper are unrelated to that theft. In that incident, hospital officials said a former contractor had illegally downloaded the information to a personal laptop.

If convicted, Napper faces up to 10 years in prison.

"We regret this incident and are reviewing all aspects of our security related to patient information," hospital officials said in a statement. "We are taking appropriate measures to safeguard the privacy and integrity of patient health information."