Laurel installs six speed cameras and two decoys

Photo: Mike Conneen/ABC7

The City of Laurel, Maryland has installed six speed cameras, but when the police chief suggested adding two decoy boxes, the mayor liked the idea.

Mayor Craig Moe says it's truly about safety, not revenue from tickets.

"In this case, it's not about money," Moe says. "It's never been about money. It's about speed in the community."

Compared to the real deal, the decoys are a bargain, at $2,000 each, without the costs of installing and maintaining any equipment or certifying the pictures.

Some residents who talked with ABC7 like the idea of the decoys, saying that if it slows some drivers down, it might save a life.

But some residents don't like the decoys and some even find it all amusing.

Asked why the city is letting citizens know that some of the devices are fake, Moe says, "Well, we'll move them around. I think it's important. If we didn't tell them there were some decoys out there, there'd be people upset about that. So the program is about educating the general public about slowing down and that's really what we want."