Laurel feral cat program aims to keep feral, stray cats alive

Laurel feral cat program aims to keep feral, stray cats alive

A group of Laurel residents of the four-legged variety will soon see their numbers go down if the city decides to introduce a new program targeting feral cats.

Earlier this week, Mayor Craig Moe threw his support behind a plan called "trap-neuter-release," or T-N-R, in which cats are humanely trapped, taken to a local clinic, spayed or neutered and then returned to their colony.

Britt Cocanour, the Executive Director of Alley Cat Allies, says it's the preferred method of controlling the population when judged against more unpleasant alternatives.

"Nationally speaking, seven out of every ten cats that go into a shelter are killed," Cocanour said.

The city is exploring ways to bring the non-lethal T-N-R method to the community and will begin working with Prince George's County officials on the project, since many of the animal control laws in the area fall under its jurisdiction. It's a move that animal lovers like Ron Myers fully supports.

Myers, a caretaker of a colony of stray and feral cats, says he does what he can to help them survive. He even names them.

"Some of my cats I've known for 10 years now," Myers said. "It's amazing they're still alive."