Laura Titus, 15, raises thousands to help fight breast cancer

Washington's Komen Global Race for the Cure will be held Saturday, May 11.

A local teenager knows how damaging breast cancer can be to a family. She lost her mother to the disease and is now helping fight to save lives.

Laura Titus is 15 and just accomplished a very special goal. She raised $23,500 to help others who are fighting breast cancer. Now an Ashburn High School student, Laura was just 6 years old when her mother Jen died from breast cancer. Her sisters were 3 and 8 months old.

“People tell me I look like her,” she says.

Laura’s mother discovered she had stage two breast cancer in June. She started chemotherapy, but wasn’t able to finish. By October, at age 34, Laura’s father was left to raise his three daughters.

“There was no time for anger,” Leo Titus says. “It was just learning how to live, get through it.”

Almost 10 years since her mother’s death, Laura is honoring her mother’s memory by raising money for Komen’s Global Race for the Cure.

“I think it’s important because breast cancer is an awful disease and no kids should have to lose their mom,” she says.

Laura’s father has since remarried and the girls describe their family as having two mothers, one here and one in Heaven.

“I do feel good about it, the money I raised,” Laura says. “Hopefully the money I raised will save a life. That’s all I want to do.”

Laura and her family are walking in the Komen Global{ }Race for the Cure next weekend in Washington. Currently she is the top fundraiser for Washington's race.