Latisha Frazier murder: Brian Gaither back in court after recanting guitly plea

Frazier's body was never recovered after she went missing in August of 2010. Photo: Frazier family

For the first time since withdrawing a guilty plea in the murder of a 17-year-old Southeast Washington woman, the suspect in the case will appear in court Wednesday.

Brian Gaither, who pleaded guilty last November to the murder of Latisha Frazier, recanted his guilty plea earlier this month, according to Homicide Watch.

Gaither then decided he wanted to recant his guilty plea after being "confused in court," according to Homicide Watch, and regretting signing a plea deal that didn't lead to a shorter prison term.

Frazier, a young mother, disappeared from Southeast D.C. in August of 2010. Prosecutors allege she was lured to an apartment to be confronted over allegedly stealing money from a man. Once she got there, authorities say she was beaten, bound and eventually choked to death.

Her body was allegedly dumped into a Richmond landfill after allegedly being dismembered by Gaither and several other suspects. Her body was never recovered.

At the time of the guilty plea, Frazier's parents said that they were pleased with legal proceedings.

"Justice has been served so I'm pretty good about that," Caroline Frazier, Latisha's mother, said in November after Gaither's guilty plea.