D.C. ticket amnesty program extended through Sept. 9

Last day to pay overdue parking tickets with no late fee.

(AP, WJLA) - Thanks to high demand, the District of Columbia DMV is extending the opportunity given to drivers with outstanding traffic tickets to research them through Sept. 9.

Drivers originally had only one more day to ask the city to research long overdue parking tickets through an online form. Monday was expected to be the last day drivers who suspect they have an outstanding ticket can use an online form to ask the DMV to research the tickets.

Once the DMV completes the request, drivers who received tickets for motor vehicle violations before Jan. 1, 2010 can pay their tickets without having to worry about late fees.

D.C. officials say they've collected nearly $400,000 in revenue in the first two weeks of the ticket amnesty program. They say 7,400 tickets have been paid.

The program runs through Jan. 27, 2012.

The ticket amnesty program started Aug. 1 and continues through Jan. 27 and is intended to encourage drivers to pay off old tickets.

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