Las Vegas Police: Shooter 'pre-planned extensively,' girlfriend 'person of interest'

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo provides an update on the investigation into Stephen Paddock, who killed 59 people in a mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. PHOTO: FOX 17 News Nashville

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (WZTV) -- The Las Vegas Metro Police Department says all but three of the victims in Sunday's mass shooting have now been identified.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo says the scene of the Route 91 Harvest Festival where at least 59 people died and more than 520 were injured remains an active crime scene.

Lombardo says five handguns, two shotguns, and a plethora of ammunition were found at a Reno residence where Stephen Paddock lived. In all, three search warrants were served for three locations; the hotel room, Paddock's Mesquite residence, and the one in Reno.

Lombardo said the office is also "aware of a bump stock," a modification to semi-automatic rifles which allows for faster firing.

The findings at the Reno residence increased Paddock's arsenal to 49 firearms found by investigators. Of that total, 23 were found in the Mandalay Bay Hotel, 19 in the Mequite residence and now 7 in Reno.

In addition to the weapons seized in Reno, Lombardo says cameras were set up outside of the Mandalay Bay Hotel room and inside the room. Lombardo says he believes Paddock was using the cameras to monitor police response. The FBI has taken the items and evaluating their contents.

Lombardo says he has no doubt the shooting was "pre-planned extensively" and he believes investigators will "absolutely" determine the motive behind Paddock's carnage.

In addition, Lombardo says he and other agencies have been in contact with Paddock's girlfriend Marilou Danley and she is considered a "person of interest." Lombardo says to his knowledge, Danley is in the Philippines and expects to have more information in the next 24 hours.

Anyone with information on the shooting or who might be a victim from the shooting is asked to call 702-828-3111.