Larry Sabato unveils new revelations on JFK assassination

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Among the flood of JFK books arriving with the 50th anniversary of the president’s assassination is one which promises to break new ground.

It comes from University of Virginia professor and political pundit Larry Sabato, who shared his revelations at the Newseum Tuesday.

The new information includes a detailed timeline of events in Dallas almost fifty years ago, the actual correspondence from local police such as former officer James C. Bowles, who managed police communication at the time of the assassination.

He accompanied Sabato as he shared some of his discoveries.
First up was debunking a prominent theory.

“People still can't believe the murder of a great man could be carried out so simply by an idiot,” Bowles says.

Sabato agreed.

“The House Select Committee (came to) a conclusion that this dictabell recordings prove a conspiracy - they do nothing of the sort,” Sabato says.
Sabato believes other sounds are not shots but possibly a train or a motorcycle engine.

After scouring police reports from the assassination Sabato found references to individuals on the grassy knoll with Secret Service ID's. But he says he discovered they were not government agents.

“There were several Dallas policemen who reported seeing these people with credentials and this was immediately after the assassination and they were on the grassy knoll,” he says.

To find out more about these and other mysteries Sabato urges people to read his book.

At a local seller, none of the recent Kennedy books appeared to be flying off the shelves.