Largo High School substitute teacher dies

LARGO, Md. (WJLA) -- It was the first day at a new school for a substitute teacher at Largo High School. He was on his way to his first class when tragedy struck.

"He was coming down the stairwell and he had a heart attack," said Kwasi Johnson. "Some people say he had a seizure, but he had a heart attack and died."

No one can remember something like this ever happening in Prince George’s County – a teacher collapsing and dying inside of a school.

"This teacher was new to Largo High School and no one really knew him," explained Max Pugh.

The substitute was being escorted by an administrator when he collapsed. Students were held inside their first period classrooms so they wouldn't see paramedics tending to the teacher in a stairwell.

"I was going to class and the security guard said, 'Don't go into the stairwell' and I was asking why but they didn't answer," said Marcel Pressley.

Paramedics came, but couldn’t revive the teacher. For almost two hours, Largo High School was on lockdown while police came to affirm that there was no foul play. Family members{ } of students who weren’t sure what was happening rushed to the school.

Inside Largo, shocked teachers and students tried to carry on with their day. The substitute had been working in the Prince George's school system for 10 years.