Largo family sues Chuck E. Cheese over child's injury

Sinia Johnson, 6.

A local family has filed a lawsuit against Chuck E. Cheese after their child was injured at the popular restaurant.

Six-year-old Sinia Johnson fell off the Hampster Wheel at the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Largo.

Sinia's parents say their daughter broke her teeth and cut her lip and tongue when she was thrown from the ride while at a party the week before Christmas.

"I was trying to slow it down but I couldn't because there was another boy that got in and I fell and it flipped me over and my teeth fell out," says Sinia.

"We found her teeth on both sides of the ride, so you know it was a bad fall," says her mother.

The Johnson's claim there were no employees supervising, even though they were told there would be game attendants watching.

They say the ride is designed for one child at a time, but there is no way to keep other children from getting on. And there is no way to quickly slow down or stop the wheel from going around.